Those with an interest in medico-legal issues are welcome to apply for membership to the Society.

The candidate will have to send a motivational letter to the president of the board. This letter must contain his or her specific field of expertise or forensic specialty, curriculum vitae and the names of two mentors (professional representatives who are members of the Society and of whom at least one has the same expertise/specialty). During the Annual Assembly (AA) the candidates will be presented to the board and the members of the society. A candidate member has no suffrage during the AA. Every refusal will be motivated by the board and feedback will be communicated to the candidate.

After two years as a candidate member and the attendance of at least two AA’s, the candidate member can apply for full membership. The applicant will be asked to give an oral scientific presentation at the AA, after which the applicant can become an full member with suffrage.

Annual membership fees are currently €100 for full members and €50 for trainees.

Enquiries about membership should be addressed to