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The new logo of KBGGG-SRMLB

Logo KBGGG-SRMLBDuring the operational innovations at the KBGGG-SRMLB, attention was being paid to the visibility and accessibility of our association. Therefor a new website was created, in order to facilitate the communication with members and to improve the availability of relevant information. In designing this new website, it was decided to update the corporate identity, including the logo of the KBGGG-SRMLB.

In developing the logo, the core elements of the old logo were retained. The Rod of Asclepius, the symbol of medicine, remains in its central position, combined with the sword and scales of Lady Justice. In order to include the post mortem research, as well as the forensic clinic, toxicology, odontology and genetics, the association opted for the general discipline ‘Forensic Medicine’. The Erlenmeyer flask and microscope no longer resemble all these subdisciplines, therefor these symbols were omitted.
To emphasize the Belgian character of the association, it was decided to include a map of Belgium in the logo. The circle stating the full name in both Dutch and French unites all the elements into an integrated whole. The abbreviation is incorporated as the logo’s subtitle, considering its frequent use in communication.

Because of its bright color the logo stands out and matches the lay-out of our new website, but it can also be used as a grayscale image without losing its recognizability. Our logo with its professional and modern look is versatile and ensures the visibility of our association on a national and international level.